Dickinson Financial Corporation Unveils Newly Transformed Headquarters

January 8, 2024

Academy Bank conference room

Kansas City, MO – Dickinson Financial Corporation (DFC), a distinguished leader in the banking sector with its two subsidiary banks, Academy Bank and Armed Forces Bank, has recently completed a major reconstruction of its 3-story headquarters in downtown Kansas City, MO.

PURE Workplace, a renowned provider of commercial furniture and space planning services, expertly executed the innovative redesign and modernization of the workspace, including the creation of new huddle spaces, a variety of conference rooms, and the main cafe space.

The newly renovated headquarters now features state-of-the-art conference rooms and open-area huddle spaces to help foster employee collaboration and innovation. PURE Workplace has meticulously outfitted these areas with high-quality furniture options that fit the specific needs of their teams.

The huddle spaces feature Knoll Modular Unscripted Lounge seating, height-adjustable tables by Geiger, and additional stylish seating options, including Muuto Cover and Eames Task chairs. Select spaces have been enhanced with Geiger Full LoopLounge chairs and DWR tables, creating inviting areas for impromptu meetings and creative brainstorming.

The conference rooms have been transformed into dynamic meeting areas with Herman Miller Headway powered tables and Eames Aluminum Group seating, embodying a perfect balance of form and function. The main café space, designed to be a central hub for employee interaction, showcases Muuto cover side chairs and Nerd chairs harmoniously paired with Muuto 70/70 tables.

This project is a testament to PURE Workplace’s commitment to delivering exceptional design and installation services, particularly in the financial industry. The new workspace aligns with the company’s forward-thinking vision and dedication to excellence by prioritizing ergonomic comfort and modern design. It reflects DFC’s commitment to creating an environment that encourages productivity, collaboration, and innovation among its employees.

By seamlessly integrating advanced furniture solutions into Dickinson Financial Corporation’s workspace, PURE Workplace has enhanced the headquarters’ aesthetic appeal and significantly contributed to the productivity and well-being of DFC’s employees.

About Dickinson Financial Corporation

Dickinson Financial Corporation (DFC), with its central office in the vibrant heart of Kansas City, MO, stands as a distinctive financial entity encompassing two key banking divisions. These subsidiaries cater to a diverse clientele across military, community, and commercial sectors.

Academy Bank, a cornerstone of DFC, is renowned for its robust commercial banking offerings. It presents a comprehensive range of financial products and services catering to individual and business needs. Its network spans key states, including Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, andFlorida, featuring a mix of traditional and conveniently located in-store branches.

Armed Forces Bank, another integral part of DFC, is dedicated to serving the financial needs of active and retired military personnel and civilian customers. With a nationwide reach across all 50 states and beyond, including ships at sea and international locations, it is committed to serving those who serve.

About PURE Workplace

PURE Workplace is an Authorized MillerKnoll dealer providing commercial furniture, interior design, space planning, and installation services for healthcare, workplace, education, government, hospitality, and senior living environments.

With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of modern workspaces, PURE Workplace specializes in creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional environments that fit the specific needs of its clients.

PURE’s work with financial institutions reflects an ongoing commitment to tailoring spaces that meet this market’s specific operating requirements.With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, the company continues to shape the future of workplace design.

For more information about PURE Workplace and its services, please visit https://www.pureworkplace.com/about.