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PURE Workplace provides its clients with over 25 years of Commercial Furniture and Space Planning expertise in the Senior Living market.

We enjoy providing these services for the following types of Senior Living facilities.

Assisted Living

In-between independent living and skilled nursing environments are assisted living spaces. Creating safe and functional environments are the main focus here. Sturdy tables with rounded edges, pieces that have multiple uses, stain resistant fabrics and seating that is easy to sit in and get out of are at the top of the list.

Active Adult

Baby Boomers with a luxe-style and design sense make up the majority of this group. Furniture in these environments resemble what you might find in more glamorous high-end resorts. Think the latest stylish fabrics, dark woods, granites and various types of metal and glass lighting. This is the home they used to live in without the maintenance worries anymore.

Independent Living

Creating a look that attracts new and retains existing residents in your independent living community is vital. Typically, a mix of stylish and sophisticated finishes, warm wood looks and a focus on comfort works well. Options must include furniture that resists damage from residents with limited mobility who use walkers and wheelchairs.

Memory Care

Furniture for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients has to be built with safety, durability, and comfort in mind. Features to look for here include seating that is sturdy and stable. Rockers and gliders that help calm and reduce tendencies to wander. Reinforced, steel furniture to withstand constant use for those who may be physically unstable. And, casegoods that feature hidden latches or passive locks that allow caregivers access yet keep patients secure and safe. 

University Retirement Communities

Once considered the next generation of senior living, these environments seek to mix the best of academic and senior living for those seeking to remain active and intellectually-stimulated. These communities are located within a mile or so of host academic institutions. These spaces will have the same needs as Independent Living. Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing environments.

Skilled Nursing

Stylish wood-like finished furniture options help to create a space that feels like home in Skilled Nursing Home Environments. Furniture pieces here feature rounded corners and edges that are combined with high-impact-resilient polymer and anti-microbial surface protection. This combination keeps furniture looking newer, longer while resisting nicks, scratches and scuffs from wheelchairs and walkers. 

Creating inspired Senior Living Spaces with the style and amenities your guests desire is what we do.

PURE Workplace represents many leading manufacturers of senior living specific furnishings:

Fairfield Chair
Southern Home
Summer Classics

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