Top 10 Must-Have Pieces of Modern Office Furniture for 2024

April 17, 2024

Spinneybeck Quilt wall panel

The modern workplace is evolving, and with it, the furniture that fills offices. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all desks and uncomfortable chairs. 

2024 heralds a new era of office design, where better functionality meets style, and productivity is intertwined with comfort.

The PURE team continually researches new and existing pieces of workplace furniture. From that research, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of must-have modern office furniture pieces. Many are set to redefine the ways we work.


1. Ergonomic Task Chairs

In the quest for comfort and productivity, ergonomic task chairs top the list. 

With features like adjustable height, lumbar support, and flexible armrests, these chairs are designed to fit the user's body perfectly, reducing strain and fatigue throughout the workday.

Two of the best options are the Knoll ReGeneration chair and the Herman Miller Cosm.

The ReGeneration by Knoll is an ergonomic chair designed to support a variety of postures and movements required by modern work environments.


Knoll Generation chair

Knoll ReGeneration chair


It's crafted with sustainable materials and emphasizes both comfort and flexibility. The chair's design allows for a wide range of adjustments to suit individual preferences and work styles, promoting well-being and productivity. 

 For detailed features and specifications, you can explore more on their official page: ReGeneration by Knoll.

 The Cosm Chair, Mid Back by Herman Miller is celebrated for its innovation in ergonomic design, offering "total, weightless support" without the need for manual adjustments. 

 This chair, which was named one of the 100 Best Inventions in 2019 by Time magazine, features a flexible frame and breathable Intercept suspension for the seat and back, ensuring immediate comfort and responsive support to every movement. 

Herman Miller Cosm chair

Herman Miller Cosm chairs (high back and standard)


It's designed for universal appeal, providing a seamless blend of form, function, and comfort. The chair comes fully assembled, highlighting Herman Miller's commitment to quality and durability, backed by a 12-year warranty.

For further details, visit the Herman Miller store.

The immediate impact on comfort and concentration cannot be overstated. A well-supported posture leads to fewer distractions and greater productivity, making ergonomic chairs an essential investment for any modern office.

2. Sit-Stand Desks

The dynamic nature of work in 2024 demands flexibility, and sit-stand desks deliver just that. Easily adjustable from sitting to standing height, these desks encourage movement and allow employees to change their working position throughout the day.

Alternating between sitting and standing has been shown to reduce back pain, improve circulation, and increase energy levels, contributing to a healthier, more engaged workforce.

The Antenna Telescope and the Renew sit-to-stand table stand out from the crowd.

The Antenna Telescope on Knoll's website is presented as an innovative office ergonomics solution, designed to support diverse workstyles with its adaptable design.

It emphasizes the importance of flexibility in the modern workspace, offering features that cater to both individual focus and collaborative work.


Knoll Antenna Telescope table

Knoll Antenna Telescope tables


The product details highlight its ergonomic benefits and its role in enhancing workplace productivity and comfort. 

For an in-depth exploration of its design and features, you can visit Knoll's page on the Antenna Telescope.

Meanwhile, the Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables by Herman Miller are designed to promote a healthy, active workspace by allowing transitions between sitting and standing positions. 

These tables emphasize wellness, featuring intuitive height adjustment for seamless movement throughout the workday. Cable management and power access options keep workspaces tidy and functional. 


Group working at sit to stand desk


The design prioritizes user comfort and aesthetic appeal from every angle, supporting a clutter-free and dynamic work environment.

For a detailed overview of its features and design philosophy, visit Herman Miller’s website.


3. Modular Workstations

Modular workstations offer unparalleled flexibility in office layout design. These reconfigurable setups can be tailored to fit any space and working style, promoting both individual focus and team collaboration.

The ability to customize and reconfigure workspaces on demand supports a dynamic work environment, adapts to changing team sizes, and fosters collaboration, making modular workstations a smart choice for growing businesses.

Canvas Vista is an excellent option that is easy to reconfigure and adjust as is the Reff Profile System. Both offer a host of options to fit a variety of office environments well.

Let’s dive deeper into each option.

The Canvas Vista from Herman Miller is a workstation system designed by Joey Ruiter. It focuses on making small workstations feel spacious and inviting. 

The design smartly compresses workstation size to free up space for more people or different settings, without compromising comfort or productivity. The system includes elevated power and data chases for two-sided storage beneath workstations, optimizing square footage use.


Herman Miller Canvas Workstation and Cosm chair

Herman Miller Canvas Vista


It also features open-frame screens for privacy adjustment, purposeful storage, and T-shaped lights for boundary indication, all contributing to a less cramped and more personalized workspace. For more information, visit Herman Miller's website.

The Reff Profiles page on Knoll's website introduces a versatile office furniture collection that emphasizes sophistication, scalability, and flexibility. 

Designed to support both private offices and open workspaces, the collection includes a range of desks, tables, and storage solutions.


Knoll Reff Profiles private office

Knoll Reff Profiles (private office)


Reff Profiles is highlighted for its refined aesthetic, attention to detail, and adaptability to evolving workplace needs, reflecting Knoll's commitment to high-quality, durable design that supports both individual focus and collaborative interaction. 

For a detailed exploration of its features and design options, you can visit Knoll’s Reff Profiles page.


4. Acoustic Panels

In open-plan offices, noise can be a major distraction. Acoustic panels address this challenge head-on, absorbing sound and reducing overall noise levels, creating a more conducive environment for concentration and creativity.

The PURE team highly recommends ceiling options from Filzfelt, elegant and modern Spinneybeck wall panels and the variety of acoustic products that BuzziSpace offers to reduce workplace noise stylishly and effectively.

Spinneybeck's Wall Panels are highlighted for their exceptional quality, combining custom design capabilities with a vast selection of leather and wood materials. 


Spinneybeck Quilt wall panel

Spinneybeck Quilt wall panel

Buzzispace Buzzinest privacy booth

BuzziSpace BuzziNest privacy booth


These exquisitely crafted panels offer endless possibilities for wall decor, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. 

BuzziSpace offers a wide array of acoustic solutions designed to enhance the sound quality and aesthetic appeal of various spaces.’

Their product range includes innovative items like BuzziNest for private spaces, BuzziMoon lighting solutions, and BuzziBricks for wall accents, among others.

By mitigating noise pollution, acoustic panels help maintain focus and reduce stress, leading to a more pleasant and productive office atmosphere.

Each product is tailored to meet the needs of modern environments, focusing on improving acoustics while adding a stylish touch to interiors. 


5. Collaborative Tables

Designed to facilitate teamwork and meetings, collaborative tables are spacious and often equipped with integrated technology. They serve as hubs for brainstorming, planning, and executing projects in a communal setting.

These tables not only encourage teamwork but also enhance the sharing of ideas and foster a sense of community within the workplace, driving innovation and efficiency.

The JD Media Table by DatesWeiser is a great, simple and practical option as is the OE1 Huddle Table. Both are best-in-class options that are very adaptable and collaborative.

Let’s look a little closer into each option:

The JD Media Table by DatesWeiser, featured on the Geiger website, is crafted for both in-person and remote collaborative work. It offers a range of configurations combining a tabletop, base, and an optional media wall for wire management. 

This versatile design supports use in open or enclosed spaces. Attention to detail is evident in the quality finishes, mitered bases, and book-matched veneers.


DatesWeiser JD Media Table

DatesWeiser JD media table


The table is available in rectangular and trapezoid shapes for optimal viewing and comes in two height options to support various meeting styles. 

Conversely, the OE1 Huddle Table, designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, is part of the OE1 Workspace Collection, aimed at facilitating quick collaboration in both open offices and meeting rooms. 


Herman Miller OE1 workspace

Herman Miller OE1 huddle table


Its design allows for pairing with a display, making it an ideal choice for sharing ideas. The table features rotatable teardrop legs for a dynamic look, allowing users to customize its appearance for rounded or crisp edges. 

It is designed to be light and movable, enhancing the agility of office spaces.


6. Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter can hinder productivity, which is where smart storage solutions come into play. Modern storage options are designed to maximize office space while keeping supplies organized and accessible.

Tidy workspaces typically help employees focus on their tasks with reduced distractions and improved efficiency.

Two of the most versatile options are the Muuto Stacked Storage System and the HON Fuse, a practical, personal storage that is moveable or can be mounted under desks.

Muuto's Modular Systems offer a customizable approach to shelving and storage, designed to adapt to personal tastes and spatial requirements.


Muuto Stacked Storage Shelving

Muuto Stacked Storage shelving


These systems provide a blend of functionality and style, allowing for unique configurations that can evolve with your living or working space. 

The Fuse by HON is designed to elevate personal storage with modern functionality and a vibrant color palette, blending seamlessly into both corporate and home office environments. 


HON Fuse personal storage

HON Fuse personal storage


It offers a fresh take on storage solutions, accommodating today's essentials from tech gadgets to personal items, with keyless digital technology for security. 

Fuse emphasizes efficiency and personalization, promising to inject personality and organization into workspaces.


7. Ergonomic Laptop Stands and Monitor Arms

Ergonomic accessories like laptop stands and monitor arms allow for the optimal positioning of computer equipment, reducing the risk of strain injuries associated with prolonged computer use.

These adjustments can significantly decrease the risk of neck and wrist strain, contributing to a more comfortable and sustainable work environment. The result is enhanced productivity, better use of desk space and improved overall wellbeing.

Our team highly-recommends the Colebook Bosson Saunders brand, specifically the new Flo X monitor arms that are capable of holding larger and heavier screens as well as dual and even triple monitors. 

The Flo X by Colebrook Bosson Saunders is a monitor arm designed to support large, heavy screens and multiple monitors, enhancing ergonomic positioning.


CBS Flo X monitor arms

Colebrook Bosson Saunders FloX monitor arm (2-screen and 3-screen shown)


It features dual spring technology, accommodating screens up to 18kg, and offers next-generation tilt for easy adjustability. 

The product promises to find the perfect ergonomic position quickly, making it ideal for dynamic and flexible workspaces.

We also recommend the CBS Optura laptop stand is an affordable and elegant way to hold laptops from 11’ to 16” - plus it’s foldable and portable to allow work from anywhere. 

The Oripura from Colebrook Bosson Saunders is a portable and foldable laptop stand designed for creating ergonomic workstations anywhere. 


CBS Optura laptop stand

Colebrook Bosson Saunders Optura laptop stand


It supports laptops from 11” to 16” and aims to improve posture by tilting the laptop for a better view, thus reducing eye and back strain. It's lightweight, enhances desk organization with its design encouraging good airflow and built-in cable management. 

Additionally, it offers effective ergonomics by allowing the use of a separate keyboard and mouse for a dual-screen setup. It comes with a 12-year warranty and ships in plastic-free packaging.


8. Dynamic Lighting Systems

Lighting plays a crucial role in workplace well-being. Modern lighting systems that adjust based on the time of day and type of work being done can enhance mood, energy levels, and overall eye health.

Proper lighting reduces eye strain and fatigue, making it easier to focus and stay productive throughout the day.

Muuto makes two excellent options with the Linear Pendant Lamp that features clean lines and has the ability to create smaller environments within larger spaces. 

The Linear Pendant Lamp by Muuto is designed for creating ambient lighting in larger spaces, featuring elegant lines and subtle details for a modern look.


Muuto Linear lighting

Muuto Linear lighting


It's made from powder-coated aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate, emphasizing durability and style. 

The lamp is adaptable for various environments, promoting a blend of functionality and design.

Another great product is the Ambit Rail Lamp, which features simple lines and brings more of a modern residential feel to commercial spaces. 

The Ambit Rail Lamp by Muuto is a sleek and functional lighting solution, designed to enhance any space with its elegant form and superior illumination. 

Handspun from aluminum with a painted exterior, its shades offer a contrast that amplifies light dispersion. 

The rail is meticulously crafted from cast and extruded aluminum, ensuring durability and a refined aesthetic. 

Perfect for both domestic and professional environments, the Ambit Rail Lamp merges Scandinavian design principles with modern functionality. It comes in black, gray, taupe and white.


9. Privacy Pods

For tasks that require deep concentration or confidentiality, privacy pods offer a great solution. These small, enclosed spaces are perfect for focused work or private meetings within an open office layout.

Privacy pods provide a quiet, secluded area for employees to work without distractions, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

The clear winners in this market are NaughtOne’s Pullman chair that offers just enough privacy, noise reduction and comfort to handle focused work. 

The Naughtone Pullman Chair is designed for luxury and comfort, inspired by the first-class seating of trains with the same name. 


NaughtOne Pullman chair

NaughtOne Pullman chair (offered in a variety of colors)


It offers a high level of craftsmanship and materials, ideal for creating exclusive, comfortable seating areas in various settings, including corporate, hospitality, and residential environments. 

The chair's design emphasizes privacy and comfort, making it suitable for spaces where individuals can relax or work in a secluded atmosphere. For more details, visit Naughtone.

Meanwhile, the OFS Room is a phone booth that’s quick to build, offers great privacy and comes in options that accommodate 1 person or a small team.

ROOM by OFS offers a series of soundproof office pods and modular architecture, providing an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to traditional office design and fixed construction. 


OFS Room privacy booth

OFS Room privacy booth


These modular office pods are designed for simplicity and seamlessness, allowing teams to easily shape and reshape their work environments. 

The initiative also focuses on minimizing environmental impact by incorporating recycled materials and reducing construction cycles. The Room includes climate control along with video and laptop connectivity.


10. Lounge and Breakout Furniture

Modern offices recognize the importance of relaxation and informal collaboration. 

Lounge areas equipped with comfortable and stylish furniture invite employees to take breaks and connect with colleagues in a more relaxed setting.

These spaces can boost creativity, employee satisfaction, and provide a setting for informal collaboration, contributing to a well-rounded and dynamic workplace culture.

Global River+ is a versatile lounge series that works well in workplace, healthcare and higher-education environments. It’s very durable and stylish. 

The River+ series by Global Furniture Group is the next generation of their popular lounge series, designed for high durability and versatility across workplace, education, and healthcare settings. 


Global River+ seating

Global River+ seating


It features three back heights, various seat heights, and supports linear, curvilinear, 90-degree, and 120-degree configurations. 

Key elements include elegant polished aluminum arms that are fully modular for on-site installation and relocation, meeting the dynamic needs of 24/7 environments with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. per seat.

The Gathr from OFS is also an excellent modular option that has the ability to transform open spaces into a collaborative hub and focal point. 

The Gathr series from OFS, designed by Webb Associates, reimagines open-plan workspaces by promoting equality, inclusivity, and collaboration.


OFS Gathr seating

OFS Gathr seating


Inspired by the Round Table, it features modular elements like architectural structures and planters, crafted from molded plywood with an exposed edge, offering both style and flexibility. 

Gathr adapts to various workflows, supporting a harmonious and productive environment. 


Wrapping it up

The office furniture of 2024 is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating environments that are highly-adaptable to a variety of work styles and also foster well-being, collaboration, and productivity. 

By incorporating these top 10 pieces of modern office furniture into your workspace, you can ensure that your office is stylish and at the forefront of conducive to the evolving needs of your team.

Ready to transform your workspace with modern office furniture that marries style with productivity? 

Contact PURE Workplace today for a consultation. Our experts are ready to help you select the perfect pieces to create an office environment that inspires success. 

Let's make your office space a place where comfort meets productivity, and style enhances functionality.