The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Herman Miller Standing Desk

April 28, 2024

Herman Miller Renew sit to stand desk

As we spend significant portions of our day at work, ensuring our work environment supports our health and well-being has become paramount. 

Ergonomics—the science of designing the workplace to fit the user’s needs—aims to enhance comfort, increase productivity, and minimize the risk of injury. 

Renowned for its innovative design and commitment to ergonomic solutions, Herman Miller has become a leading name in creating standing desks that epitomize style, functionality, and ergonomic benefit​​​​​​.


The Case for Standing Desks

Standing desks, a revolution in workplace furniture, embody the ergonomic principle of promoting movement and flexibility. 

These desks allow users to easily switch between sitting and standing, breaking the sedentary cycle associated with traditional office work. 

Versatility is key to mitigating the adverse health impacts of prolonged sitting, such as musculoskeletal issues, while also fostering a more dynamic and energized work environment​​.


Why Opt for Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s standing desks are distinguished by their quality, innovation, and ergonomic design. In the 1960’s, Herman Miller designers Robert Probst and George Nelson pioneered the concept of alternative working positions with the design of a hybrid work stool. They believed in the benefits of standing and sitting while working long before the term “ergonomics” was coined.

The current line includes Ambit Accessories, OE1, Renew, Motia, Nevi and Passport.

The award-winning brand’s  standing desks are reputed for their excellence. Each option showcases the brand's dedication to ergonomic advancements and design focusing on well-being, finding a balance between sitting and standing and boosting movement to satisfy the many ways people want to work today. 

Herman Miller OE1 and Motia sit to stand desks

Herman Miller's OE1 desk (left) is designed to fit well in office or home and Motia (right) makes height adjustability easy to afford, use, and integrate into any setting.


Deciphering Key Features for Herman Miller Standing Desks

When selecting a Herman Miller standing desk, various features demand consideration to ensure an optimal choice:


Comparing Herman Miller’s Standing Desk Models

You have several models to choose from and finding the best option depends on your priorities. Each model brings unique advantages, tailored to different needs and workspace configurations. They all offer a healthier way to work.

Ambit is a thoughtful, scalable, and comprehensive offering of accessories designed to support the sit-to-stand working environment. It easily integrates into the existing portfolio of height-adjustable table products,

Herman Miller Ambit desk accessories

Herman Miller Ambit desk accessories include privacy screens, personal storage, shrouds and backpack hooks 


OE1 is smaller than typical Herman Miller standard height-adjustable tables. The design is scaled for underutilized areas like hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and meeting rooms.

Renew includes the most popular features in a sit-to-stand table. Look for intuitive height adjustment, clean cable management and long-lasting durability. Renew is elegant in form and efficient in design.

Motia offers a great value that is within everyone’s reach. This desk encourages regular movement between postures to adjust to people’s work and workflow, increasing energy and productivity.

Nevi is an affordable option for those who want a high-quality, comfortable sit-to-stand desk and still be able to budget ergonomic chairs and accessories.  

Passport features an untethered height-adjustable design, so the table can be quickly moved wherever it’s needed. Its single-column base and lightweight design make it all the easier to create a workspace instantly.

Herman Miller Nevi and Passport sit to stand desks

Herman Miller's portable Passport line (3 options shown left) along with the Nevi sit to stand desk


Setting Up Your Ergonomic Workspace

Proper assembly and ergonomic placement of your Herman Miller standing desk are crucial. 

Integrating ergonomic accessories, such as adjustable chairs, monitor arms, and under table storage, can further enhance your workstation's comfort and efficiency, promoting an ideal working environment​​.


Leveraging the Full Benefits of Standing Desks

To maximize the health and productivity benefits of your standing desk, it’s important to alternate between sitting and standing, maintain correct posture, and incorporate regular movement into your routine. 

These practices help reduce fatigue, improve circulation, and prevent the physical strain associated with prolonged stationary postures​​.


Hearing from Users: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The overall line maintains a 4.3 star rating on Google. Many users report on Google and Reddit that they enjoy the design and versatility of Herman Miller standing desks. 

ProjectMG states: “The Herman Miller Renew is the nicest design I’ve seen for a standing desk, especially the oval table top in walnut. Even the legs have design elements you don’t see in other desks. If you look at where the legs attach to the table top you will notice this.” 

“In my opinion it’s the best one they make (Renew)… the legs / feet are heavy, strong cast Metal everything…. I had this exact table come though testing last week and was highly impressed with its rigidity and stability compared to any other height adjustable table I’ve seen as of yet” - Ultrashama

“I've had this desk (Motia) for over 2 years now, and it still performs great and has had zero issues. I love its simplicity and size….Very happy.” - Kelly


Wrapping it up

Selecting a Herman Miller standing desk signifies a commitment to a healthier, more productive work environment. 

By prioritizing ergonomic benefits, design, and functionality, you can choose a desk that not only meets your professional needs but also supports your physical well-being.

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