5 Ways to Design a Workspace that Encourages Innovation

April 19, 2023

collaboration table

Creating a workspace that fosters innovation is crucial for organizations looking to bolster creativity and engagement from everyone involved. A positive space can truly make or break the office experience, so knowing exactly what you want and how it can benefit you could be a game changer in your daily innovation. With the help of PURE Workplace Solutions, a well-designed workspace can inspire ideas, boost collaboration, and even promote a culture of innovation among employees.


5 Ways to Spice Up Your Space

Consider these key principles when designing a workspace that encourages innovation.
    1. Let the light shine.
      Every workspace, no matter the material, can ride or die on its lighting. If your space is privy to a lot of windows, natural light washing over your space can greatly improve the morale and engagement of those in the space. If you’re not subject to a ton of natural light sources, make use of a lamp or other light source that can brighten up the space. There’s nothing worse than a cave-like space to brainstorm in.Balance natural office lighting with overhead lighting
    2. Keep things color-coordinated.
      This doesn’t mean keeping everything gray and drab. Color is such a versatile tool, and even a color-coordinated office space can be rich with a rainbow of creative colors. Make use of universal neutrals such as taupe, tan, beige, white, and gray to help tie together the various splashes of color you choose to incorporate. Getting it right, (which is what PURE does by the way) will transform your workspace to become a fountain of innovation just waiting to take you with it.
    3. Movement is key.
      In any workplace where a desk is your anchor, you’ll be itching to get moving when you can. Keep your layout simple, yet defined, giving everyone a set space that also allows you to get up and go with ease. Collaborators will find it a lot simpler to venture to and from people’s desks, increasing team productivity while also keeping things easy and breezy throughout the entire office. Or better yet, optimize a collaborative workspace with a set destination for the next team pow-wow. Sit-to-stand desks are another great way to incorporate more easy movement into the everyday routine of the office. Collaborative desks in a classroom setting
    4. Keep the aesthetic clean.
      A maximalist layout might work for some people, but unless the cluttered and packed look is a brand choice, it’s almost always better to keep the office sleek, clean, and light. It offers more opportunities for employees to personalize their own space or keep it simple if that’s what helps them innovate to the fullest extent.
    5. Personalize your space.
      Speaking of personalization, authenticity and expressing it is the true key to productivity in the workspace. If you take away the individuality of a person by sticking everyone in a carbon-copy cubicle, you’re just asking for an energy-less morning meeting and an unengaged team. Allowing the space for your team to add their own personal touches to the office will make for a boost of ideas, creativity, and innovation.

    The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

    Simply keep in mind the tips listed above as you begin your search and you’re sure to be in for a pleasant and productive result.