The Teknion Studio Story

October 13, 2013

TEKNION STUDIO™ is a portfolio of furniture for an office defined by creativity, conversation and connection. Equally, Teknion Studio offers a fresh, contemporary design vocabulary able to blend seamlessly with hospitality and residential interiors, academic environments and public settings.

David Feldberg, Teknion® President & CEO, remarks, “Teknion Studio represents a renewed commitment to design excellence through a selection of products that work now and forward, solving the problems of contemporary environments with elegance and intelligence.”

Over the past three decades, Teknion has built a body of knowledge about how people work and how they interact with space, technology and furniture. Today’s office is a center for human interaction and creativity, a framework for a range of solo and group activities that take form, shift and dissolve throughout the workday.

Teknion Studio is specifically designed to address the complexity of the 21st century office, a varied landscape in which more space is allotted to communal work areas and transitional spaces that serve multiple purposes. The collection comprises elegant soft seating and tables for intimate meeting areas in the private office and furniture for casual collaborative spaces, alcoves and other areas designated for small groups. Teknion Studio allows each client to create an engaging and inspiring environment appropriate to its culture, its physical space and its work practices.