Tank Retriever, a professional precursor to the role of Director of Business Development: Meet Dwight Zwiener

October 20, 2014

Dwight KS Army National Guard dwight-zwiener1 Dwight Photo At MTC Desk

Dwight Zwiener was in the Kansas Army National Guard as a Tank Retriever, his job was to remove the tanks embedded in the muck and mud and tow back to the Armory. Often times, the soldiers themselves were all but emerged in the mud and muck attaching the tow line to the tank; if a tank got stuck in the morning, you were in for a long, wet, mud dried all over you kinda day.  Somehow getting muddy later in the day, made the job more palatable, I’m told.

After his service in the Kansas Army National Guard, and his first civilian job, Dwight found his way to Martin Tractor, a Caterpillar Dealer in Topeka, where he worked for almost 25 years, most recently as VP of Corporate Interaction. Martin Tractor was a family business, one with ties to BA Designs, through familial ownership, so Dwight was quite knowledgeable about BA Designs when he took on the role 4 ½ years ago of Director of Business Development.

Dwight points to all his various roles contributing to his strength in forecasting and strategic planning, as well as marketing skills and credit’s his year of teaching Imagine 21 (a personal development course) classes at Martin Tractor as one of his best professional endeavors.

When not cheering on his Pitt State Gorillas (which is quite often, he’s a diehard Gorilla), honing his Photoshop skills, or indulging in his guilty pleasure of eating Lays Potato chips and endlessly channel surfing, Dwight can be found spending time with his wife of 45 years, Nancy.