Disposing of unwanted office furniture can be a daunting task.  It still functions, so some company must want this.  It has worked for us, so it should work great for someone else.  But who wants used office furniture?  Surely someone needs this!  Does preowned office furniture have residual value?  Or, will disposing of office furniture actually cost us?   Are there businesses that help with the disposal or sale of used office furniture? These are the myriad of questions and thoughts that go through an owner’s mind when it comes time to relocate, downsize, or upgrade their offices.  All of these questions are valid, but unfortunately there is no standard answer applicable to every situation.   PURE Workplace Solutions can help answer your questions.  With over 21 years of experience in decommissioning office furniture we will be able to remove unwanted furniture, broker your workstations, desks and chairs to a dealer, or sell  your furnishings to another user.  If your excess furniture has no value, we will be upfront with you.  If you want to donate office furniture to charity we can help.   No size is too big.  No location is too far.   PURE Workplace Solutions handles large corporate offices decommissioning entire floors of office furniture.  We work with commercial brokerage firms to match furniture brokers with real potential buyers.  We provide labor solutions for removing office furniture from vacated space.  PURE Workplace Solution can provide a solution for your unwanted office furniture.  Call 816-922-6575 for a free consultation regarding the disposition of your excess office furniture.