The Black List-addict and our Director of Design: Meet Stacey Utech

October 9, 2014

BA Designs has been in business almost 20 years and Stacey Utech, Director of Design, has been working here almost the entire time. Stacey graduated from KSU with a degree in Interior Design and started working for a Topeka furniture dealer, about 27 years ago (quite amazing considering she is only 29!) It was there that she met her future employer, Beth Ann Branden – BA Designs owner, and coworker, Janie Bartee. (That’s right, this trio has been working together and building a friendship for some 27 years, imagine the stories they could tell (and tell they do – the ones from our annual “roast” being most entertaining!)

Stacey credits that first job for the steep learning curve to the nuances’ and attention to detail required to successfully and accurately specify furniture and finishes that she continues to use daily in her space planning and interior projects. She has seen a lot of trends come and go, and return again in the industry, as well as had many opportunities to celebrate her Design and Sales successes! Her favorite celebration to date was a one week, trip for two to Prague that she earned through Kimball Office last year. It was her first time to Europe and she proclaims Prague to be, “the most romantic and beautiful city I’ve ever seen!”

When Stacey isn’t traveling Europe, catching the latest episode of, The Voice or The Black List, or planning spaces & specifying furniture, she likes to create jewelry and décor items out of fused glass and copper, her wares can be found at, check it out!

stacey-utech1 Janie Beth Anne Stacey 1998 Photo Stacey Prague SU - Copper Snob