A Focus on Flexibility in the Classroom

August 27, 2018

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Gone is the quintessential classroom made up of a teacher standing by the blackboard with rows full of dreary eyed students sitting in uncomfortable metal chairs. In its place is the 21st Century classroom equipped with tablets, smart boards, and furniture to facilitate a collaborative and engaging work environment.

Imagine a world where kids want to come to school. A world where desks are complete with tablet charging stations. A world where chairs are actually comfortable to sit in.

That galaxy isn’t so far away.

Modern classrooms emphasize the importance of hands-on learning, collaboration among peers, and the use of technology. And all of these needs can be met with an effectively designed learning environment.

One important facet of these changing needs is flexibility. The Teknion Learning Tables are perfectly designed for easy reconfiguration. Their linking option means it can stand alone, or it can be linked with others to facilitate group learning. The wheels also make it easier to move around the room. It even comes with a charging stand and cup holder - I told you that galaxy wasn’t so far away.

Another way to meet the need for a hands-on, flexible classroom is the Teknion Mobile Markerboard. This whiteboard on wheels not only allows for more small group collaboration among students but also serves as a room divider when needed.

The latest and greatest for flexible classroom seating is the Oodle Stool by Smith Systems. These cylinder shaped seats provide students with control over their learning environment. By flipping the base of the seat over, the Oodle can be flipped from a flat, sturdy seat to a rocking base that provides students with more movement when they start getting fidgety. Students also aren’t stuck with one height or one color; they’re stackable and available in five different colors.

Designing a classroom that fosters student engagement requires furniture that focuses on flexibility, collaboration, and technological innovation. All of these combine to create an environment students want to be a part of.



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