A 2015 Vision Board/Implementation of Intentions/New Year’s Resolution (chose one) Revelation

December 30, 2014

2015 Implimentation of Intentions Vision Board

And so it goes, 2014 and a host of things it ushered with it, in mere hours at this point.  A time of reflection, a time of getting “back on the wagon,” a time of refocusing on what we say we want in life. More quality time with family? Better health?  More sales?  A bigger, better _________________. Or perhaps your reflecting has you looking for less?  Less around your middle, less debt, less stress, fewer health issues….the list goes on and on.

Each year millions of us face the first of a new year with a litany of wants & desires. Typically this time of year finds us fresh off the overindulgence binge of the year. Whether that be, Aunt Mary’s Peanut Butter Fudge,  imbibing with the local craft brew of choice a bit too often,  marathon  “Bowl” watching, or spending  an obscene amount of money (or not so obscene, but well outside your own budget) on gifts that will soon enough be forgotten, consumed or deflated.  Side bar:  Gift Fail of 2014 – The Wubble Bubble.  Epic fail. Epic. What was just days ago getting ripped off store endcaps by manic Grandma’s and parents alike,  and children thought of as a magical, mystical, oversized bubble of fun and excitement for at least one 10 year old, has now ushered in the harsh reality of “bigger isn’t always better,” and that no, everything you see advertised on TV is the truth.  Overindulgence, we buy into it in every sense of the word.

But wait, there is redemption…it comes with all the hopes & dreams of hitting the “restart” button,  of doing better this time, getting it right,  it’s the NEW YEAR! That’s why we make “resolutions” – to know better, do better,  and BE BETTER, right? At least, that’s the fairy tale dream we share. In truth, something like 8% of resolutions come to fruition, 8%.  That’s it.  Not exactly impressive.  Knowing that,  should we just embrace our sloth like, slacker natural tendencies and not even bother trying to “know better, do better and BE BETTER?” Some may say, “Yes”, but we all know that good things take hard work, dedication and sacrifice. So, how do you turn those “resolutions” into something that takes you well beyond February 1st (and that’s being generous) and truly helps you achieve your goals?

Enter the “Implementation of Intentions” theory, essentially it is taking resolutions and giving them some weight. It’s taking a goal and framing it in a,  “If….then” scenario.  In my mind it’s the realistic way of goal-setting, recognizing your humanity and that the universe will not make achieving these tasks easy-breezy. Trying to lose weight or eat healthier? Here is an example of this type of goal-framing,  “If I feel like I need to eat that chocolate, then I will eat an apple instead” Because OF COURSE you will WANT to eat the chocolate! Statistically, Implementation of Intentions yields far more desirable ratios of achieving the goals you’ve set forth.  Set yourself up for success this 2015 and draft your “If…then” Intentions and let me know how you’re doing with those come Spring; “If” you spell out your goals, “Then” they will come into being.”  At least that’s my “Implementation of Intention” statement for this piece.

Happy 2015, may it be meaningful and prosperous for us all!